Born in London (United Kingdom), 1992
Lives & works in London (United Kingdom)
Very active in: 2000s, Current decade

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Described by US magazine XLR8R as "Light years beyond the gallery realm of masters like Bill Viola" award-winning London based audio/video artists Addictive TV are known for their cutting edge AV remixes and dynamic live shows, which in the last four years has seen them twice voted number #1 VJs in the World and twice placed second in the DJ Magazine annual poll.

Their work has been praised by creative innovators like the former craftwerk frontman Karl Bartos, filmmaker Peter Greenaway and DJs Grandmaster Flash and Jeff Mills.

Their most recent installation work entitled Sportive premiered at the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Shanghai in November 2007 as part of the touring Sport in Art exhibition for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Performing internationally, crisscrossing the art & music worlds, Addictive TV's audiovisual shows have wowed crowds at both film and music festivals alike, from the San Francisco International Film Festival and Resfest to the UK' Glastonbury Festival and Brazil's Skolbeats. They've played in venues as diverse as the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the National Theatre in London, Shanghai's Museum of Contemporary Arts (for the opening of the Sport in Art exhibition) and Tokyo's superclub Womb.

In the last few years, projects have taken Addictive TV to over 40 countries worldwide, including Brazil, USA, Russia, China, Japan, across Europe and the Middle East including Kuwait and Saudi Arabia!

Their live cinema project The Eye of the Pilot which was commissioned by Paris arts board Arcadi and premiered at the Pompidou Centre in 2005 has since been performed over 25 times around the world, including at SIGGRAPH 2006 in the USA, Russia's Design & Innovation Awards 2006 in Moscow and at the 2007 European Media Art Festival in Germany.

Using revolutionary DVD turntables, which they helped develop and test for Pioneer, their performances are a state of the art audiovisual phenomenon, driven by their fastpaced AV remixes and videomashups.

2006 saw Addictive TV become the first group to officially remix a Hollywood movie, creating the award winning internet viral for major US studio New Line Cinema, remixing the Antonio Banderas film Take The Lead for its promotional campaign. 2007 saw them remix the Sony anime epic Tekkonkinkreet for its Japanese promotion and New Line Cinema's controversial action movie Shoot 'Em Up, starring Monica Bellucci and Clive Owen, for its web campaign.

As well as virals for Hollywood, they've also created work for Adidas, Oracle, Roland, Greenpeace and have also produced programming for UK broadcasters including Channel 4 and ITV1.

They are also behind the visualmusic festival Optronica run in collaboration with the British Film Institute and London IMAX cinema. Optronica has premiered live work from artists including Peter Greenaway, Karl Bartos, Trevor Jackson, Plaid, Semiconductor and DJ Spooky, who all performed audiovisual shows at the London IMAX Cinema.

Addictive TV's work has been screened at over 50 festivals worldwide, from the Melbourne International Film Festival and the Hangzhou Animation Fair in China, to Sonar in Spain and Dotmov in Japan.

They've been part of many exhibitions such as @rt Outsiders in France and Dissonanze in Italy, and have hosted solo exhibitions of their work at the Moving Image Centre in New Zealand and at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.

"The world's most popular audiovisual artists" TIME OUT

"Respected doctors of mixage" THE GUARDIAN