Unanimus is a video collage based on "borges & i" a short text by J.L.Borges. A visual journey through the hall of mirrors which appears in everyone's own mind. In the spirit of the vivid ambiguity embedded in Borges's text, this work is an experiment in walking the various border-lines, the labyrinth of words & images, the mixed memories, the non-linear stream of association, the diverse voices that echo simultaneously, and that together, in a co-dependent manner, constitute a coherent (?) one playground of being. After all, this so called integrated ground of one's self (or of a collective self) is actually composed of: coffee, reflection, hourglasses, the other, maps, time, newspapers, identity, tigers, gap, paradoxes, swimming pools, rhythm, stamps, epistemology, actors, cracks, books and letters ?.

Unanimous - Borges & I

Artist: Sva Li Levy
Production year: 2009
Duration: 00:06:23

Imagery Affairs

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