The videos of Masbedo use a recurrent and fundamental theme of the human condition, at times bordering on the metaphysical: "we try to tell man's story, the intention to love, the impossibility of communicating, the pain, being and death; in order to do this we prepare settings in which our protagonists really are lost in imagined places full of emotional resonance". A constant loss of magic illustrates the gap which is present between the rigid laws dictated from without, and the total abandonment of one's own instinct. The true emotions or hidden thoughts of the characters end up reappearing through the unstoppable movements of the body, the quality of dreams, a particular cadence in oral expression. With a predilection for excessive, paroxysmal situations. The duo pay an acute attentino to detail and individual gesticulations, the eyes are concentrated on a few fragments of the body, the grain of the skin, the lineaments and muscular tension.

Una Costante Perdita di Magia

Artist: Masbedo
Production year: 2007
Duration: 00:03:43


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