Images broken and badly damaged by time of the former Peruvian President Manuel A. Odria, surrounded by journalists, put us in a certain time in our history: 31 March 1950, in Lima in the Government House, the President of the military junta with the decree No.11323, put in effect the rules for employment and clothing National Shield, Great Seal of the State, National Flag, Flag, Banner and Cockade. This decree is intended to establish undisputed uniformity within the National symbols. Images describe the dictator proposals to the proposal to the national problems of the time. Problems that have not yet been resolved.

Three women, presumably sisters, wearing three semitransparent Andean masks, manipulate 3 mannequins, which function as each one's alter ego. The sisters are dressed in mourning, and have three worn and moth-eaten leather bags. They meet for dinner. A sort of "last supper" after a painful event.

The dialogues intend to create an ambiguous sense. "The three sisters who are wondering at times and elsewhere are silenced, are perhaps three different women, or three facets of the same person's schizophrenia.

As symbolic representation of the search for identity, reflection of a divided and "faceless" society. A self-silenced society without memory, where masks of the masks refers to a fictitious identity, full of recriminations and blame.

Tuyo es el reino

Artist: Patricia Bueno
Production year: 2007
Duration: 00:09:18


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