First- Sent towards a nothing - space- to give perspective on what is what we see in different daily life content. Lines around buildings, lines around ideas of moral, lines around definition, tending to forget the human that it is so often about. It was sent to space- for everyone to see, as it is for everyone, fallen down in radom for hopefully someone appreciation. What happens and had happen in the parallel, is clips of situation of non meaning to become "film". Daily life gathered over time, from 2012 till 2017 with its own purpose at that time. This example in ideas of cultural demand, other words- As the fashion industry wants everybody to look at them, see them and notice them, showing their pieces between locked and strict doors. What better place to show at the highest point so everybody to could see? Second- A model of a visual have been given its several forms. There- its goal to become a fully proof of its content. Gather to outcome as a recognition to its starting point. Nothing to do with nothing, have all of them been given a purpose in each individual segment to its time, without, today, knowing its followed being. "A module as a guideline, as for everything else, in a non constant existent, in a non linear line. " Perhaps to the ravelty of become someone's something- It was sent to perspective, as we see best from far, for everyone to see, for everything is for everyone, falling in the random of other given a chance to be its someone's something.

Till somebody’s nothing for hopefully someone’s something

Production year: 2018
Duration: 14:10:00

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