As a homage to Cindy Sherman this video explores gestures as body masks in terms of redefining "categorial fundamentalisms" of human expression. The presentation of the individual gestures mediate how culture is liable to discursive definition, here being defined and expressed through our own dimensions, wishes and longings. Bruckner explores female masks as a dynamic korpus of self-expression that evolves into some kind of new, inhabitable bodily architecture, and plays with desire of the imaginary, the grotesque, strange, and "abjective" (as J. Kristeva puts it) image of the indiviudal. The self in the mirror, that is more and more discovered as a cyborg image questions in addition a self that is structured as a cyborg-self, a symbolical companion of a computer in ourselves. In the context of this background reflection, the video ironically mediates how globally challenging dynamics materialize themselves in our bodies while simultaneously reflecting conditions, definition and context thereof.

The Gestural Abject: Myspacedotcom

Artist: Johanna Bruckner
Production year: 2009
Duration: 00:04:55
Catalogued as: EXPERIMENTAL


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