TECHNIQUE OF PRODUCTION: The pictures of this video are structured according to the Sonata form, composed in a ternary structure: esxposition, bridge, development of the theme, bridge recapitulation and the coda final. The sound follows the structural dictum, combining the composition of new sound effects with the sound of the ambience of the very place. SYNOPSIS: The piece "Augenmusik" which signifies visual music is overcrowded with floors. We could walk slowly along these floors and allow ourselves to let our own fantasies ascent between pentatonic scales. Their presence makes us feel like they were creating these pictures by themselves. When we let them go these voices these voices drift all along the dark floor, crossing between the various luminous materials, from one door to another. But our life keeps progressing and as we keep following our path the voices keep on mixing among themselves, getting filled up with our past every time a little more. One just has to let themgo until they make themselves visible. Then they will appear in the far distance only to descent the majestic stairs of our imagination.

Sonate n1 Augenmusik K505

Artist: Paula Anta
Production year: 2006
Duration: 00:08:33

Blanca Soto

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