City Tellers San Paulo is a private investigation into the many aspects of life in a major metropolis. The film journeys throughout the history and everyday life of San Paulo, thus bringing us closer to this distant world. It recounts unimaginable stories, places, and people which are the forerunners of a new way of life. City Tellers San Paulo presents a preview of a future that is closer than we think.

Jodice explores the various aspects San Paulo: a new economy, alternative jobs, a new way of life. One of these stories elaborates on the fear of abduction, aggression, and violence, which prompted the richer classes to use helicopters as taxis. The city of 18 million inhabitants is therefore disseminated by an excess of helipads, from which 23,000 flights take off and lank per week, transporting people to work, school, shops and church. The many stories, while surreal the spectator, are mere fragments of everyday life in a San Paulo, thus demonstrating the evolution of living in the 21st century. The scenery is real, but the experience is of tomorrow.

The heart of the project consists in its own narrative and visual identity, which alternates between documentary and visual narrative. Jodice shoots in a "film noir" style; dark, dense tones coupled with solar images in a panoramic format create a highly photographic and unique cinematography. The result is an intense experience, allowing the spectator to personify himself within the characters of the film, and become aware of life in far-reaching places.

Sao Paulo Citytellers

Artist: Francesco Jodice
Production year: 2006
Duration: 00:48:00

Marta Cervera

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