A field rose, vivified by her own fragrance, ready to open herself to the sun, and the ground loosens from its roots, then, all is over. - Bettina von Arnim Rose, this silent video consists solely of layered photos of a rose. Everything seems to float from one state to the next, like a wave, a moment of respiration that ends in final exhalation. The eye, focus of the camera revolves around the increasingly fleshy petals; it shows pearls of moisture like dew, like beads of body fluids. The camera slowly gets closer as if to penetrate the blossom, to reveal its inside like a microscope. This intense moment is brief and the steady transformation continues until the flower closes back onto itself, fades and finally turns pallid until swallowed by a white light.


Artist: Simone Stoll
Production year: 2015
Duration: 00:07:08
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