©2016 Ronald Bijleveld
Evolution 2 aspects of ...terror versus beauty...
©2004 Sabine Groß
In her videos, Gross refers to popular works of art history, such as The Scream, by E......
Thin line
©2006 L.A. Raeven
LA Raeven is the artist name for twins Liesbeth and Angelique Raeven, whose very subj......
Late Ranura
©2008 Reich & Kesler
Late Ranura is an essentialist vision of the human being and of his vital cycle, that......
Jeux de mains
©2008 Evaristo Benitez
With the usually plastic world elements, Evaristo Benítez show us this world with anima......
Arde Lo Que Será
©2006 Avelino Sala
There is a football match without end, the ball it's on fire, everybody plays with ev......
Cindi Morecambe
©2009 Heide Hatry
The portraits of women made out of animal skin and body parts were intended to provid......
Mensaje Explícito
©2008 Damian A. Pissarra
The consumption is an illness that characterizes to a city (the excessive consumption......
©2008 Valentina Lacmanovic
Experimental dance film (2008) (not steadicam). Original soundtrack by Ranko ?ajfar......
Sin Título
©2008 Lidia González Alija
The eternal confusion and contemporary ambiguity in everything and, in this concrete ......
El Peso de la Sangre
©2004 Regina José Galindo
A litre of human blood falls drop by drop on to my head and body....
Death Bed
©2005 Ofri Cnaani
Cnaani's works interrogate the relationship between space and the body. The works of ......
Sao Paulo Citytellers
©2006 Francesco Jodice
City Tellers San Paulo is a private investigation into the many aspects of life in a ......
My mate paul
©2002 Luis Bezeta
My best friend, my true friend....
Beauty Salon
©2004 Patricia Bueno
In any organized society may lack the beauty centers. Also called "beauty salons" or ......