To Baudillard.
Hyper-real: Behind the image is hidden the orgy of everything.
His Double: Behind everything is hidden an orgy of images.
Concept: From two of his phrases "interpolated" and "manipulated": Behind the image is hidden the orgy of everything. Behind everything is hidden the orgy of images, it is intended to express our human nature dichotomy: A hidden "human flock" in the voracious search to find meaning. An excessive taste of a nonexistent banquet offered to us as living painting and a still alive at a time. It is the vacuum against the excess.

According to Baudrillard: "We are creating sense, even when we know that it does not exist. It also remains to be known, whether the illusion of sense is a vital illusion or a destructive illusion of the world and the subject itself."

Still Life. Human flock. Mass behavior. Lack of leadership. The organization of Chaos. The insatiable from boredom. Excessive taste of a nonexistent banquet. No illusion, the mirage. Again and again. Greedy search to find a meaning. Signs of what was deformed. The apparent, but not the rites. Empty. Aggressions game for fear of death. The destructive as existence. The excess on the vacuum. Tableau. Still Life.

Human Nature: Only a desperate society.

Naturaleza Muerta

Artist: Patricia Bueno
Production year: 2005
Duration: 00:03:49


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