Cast: Chao Li Chi. Music: Teiji Ito. The setting with the low walls and river views is located in a private area of The Cloisters museum. Chao-Li Chi's performance obscures the distinction between violence and beauty. The camera is motivated by the movement of the performer, Chao Li Chi. This film is marked by a lack of dynamism and mobility that we have come to expect from Deren,s camera. It also obscures the distinction between violence and beauty. The shadows on the white wall behind Chi amplify the movement of the Wu Tang ritual. . Exhibited forwards and then backwards, the difference in the Wu Tang movements is almost imperceptible.

In Meditation on Violence Deren experiments with film time, reversing the film part way through producing a loop. Halfway through the film, the sequence is rewound, producing a film loop. It was an attempt to "abstract the principle of ongoing metamorphosis," found in Ritual in Transfigured Time, though Deren felt it was not as successful in the clarity of that idea, brought down by its philosophical weight.

Meditation on Violence

Artist: Maya Deren
Production year: 1948
License: Copyright
Duration: 00:13:00

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