Looking for time is a video from a single image from 1996. Through long sequence shots and sudden jump-cuts the image - a room reflected in a mirror in front of which we see the artist obliterated by the glare of a flash - is explored gradually, with a "tactile' vision. This vision, connected to the surface of things, discovers details that recall the origins of photography: Daguerre's still-life's, Fox Talbot's window, the mirror to which many of the first photographs were compared. One of the objects seen in the reflected image is a ceramic jug. This object is "extracted" from the mirror, reproduced in three-dimensional form and then covered in a reflective surface. The ceramic object recalls the materials of archeology and thus, alludes to an "excavation" within the strata of time.

Looking For Time

Artist: Maggie Cardelus
Production year: 1996
Duration: 01:10:36


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