The transition of images of this work aim to show the life of a child, from his first glimpse of life until gaining consciousness of himself. Based on Plato's Theory of Ideas, the work goes beyond the idea of ​​LIFE. Plato distinguishes between two modes of reality, one which he calls intelligible, the Kosmos Noetos, and another that he called sensitive, Horat Kosmos. Platonic ideas are not mental contents, but objects that relate to mental contents designated by the concept, and expressed through language. These objects or essences remain regardless of whether or not they are thought, they are something different to thought, unique, eternal and immutable. The work goes beyond the idea of ​​LIFE as energy. An idea of ​​LIFE (LifE) that, as energy, is neither created nor destroyed, but it is transformed. Based on the Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein, published in 1905, the work reflects on the equation E = mc ², in which the mass is related to energy, for an object viewed from a reference point which is in rest. Therefore, the work comprises 475 still frames, in overlay transition. The conversion of mass to energy refers to the matter in radiation, further developed in the quantum field theory, that in the work is allegorically shown by colors. In the context of this reflection, in which lifE is identified with energy, theories of reincarnation that different cultures and ontological approaches have proclaimed from the origins of humankind are shown as theoretically compatible with this scientific law. The work is very effective in conveying feelings and excite the audience, revering the cosmic code of organic shapes as the root of the human concept of beauty. Music: Lux Aetherna, Clint Mansel Edition: Alberto Garcia Assisting producer: Khristian Dörr


Artist: Macu Moran Marcos
Production year: 2006
License: © 2006, Macu Morán
Duration: 00:04:00

Galería Cinabrio

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