Bobe's legend is a short video piece in slow motion of the artist opening his mouth while a small white bird flies out, accompanied by a haunting oboe soundtrack. The artist's profile fills the bottom half of the screen. By looking upwards, he divides the image; becoming the horizon in a landscape of myths and legends common to all cultures. It is a landscape where human beings and animals share a language - and fight, trick or help each other in order to make sense of their world.
In the telling of certain stories, an atmosphere of suspense helps to bind the audience to the characters and events as they unfold. We are easily drawn into a situation when we cannot predict what will happen next, as our need to know overrides our disbelief of fictional constructs. The single, repeated narrative event in Bobe's Legend - a bird deciding whether or not to leave its nest - is a simple one, and yet the intensity of engagement it generates is quite breathtaking.
This exploration of safety and danger, care and independence, tenderly enacts the drama of emerging identity. It illustrates the questions we ask as we attend to our own life stories: not only 'what will happen?' but also 'who am I becoming?'

La Leggenda di Bobe - Animanimale n 1

Artist: Robert Gligorov
Production year: 1998
Duration: 00:08:53


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