This videocollage pretends to provoke reflexions about the effects of frontiers for the perception of the reality for the actual human being; for whom is living on this side of the border and for whom is observing outside. Maybe for some men, perhaps for any woman constrained to a traditional way of life, wich for too many times becomes intolerable, the frontier is like a cage without escape they feel. This conception of reality is opposite to the hope that is suposed for many people in misery and famine reaching the border.
Video creations produced in 2007 and 2008.
"La Jaula (The Cage)" is part of a trilogy about social exclusion, xenophobia and margination formed by:
"Arte luchando contra la indiferencia" - Art fighting against indifference
"La Jaula" - The cage
"Fuego en la Jaula" - Fire in the cage

La Jaula

Artist: Ralf Jung
Production year: 2008
Duration: 00:05:00


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