My work addresses the lifestyles of contemporary Western society and its relationship to the image, highlighting the difference between what we want to be, what we say we are and what we are actually among the public face of life and life in the the private domain.

Similarly, it explores the reasons for the existence of this inconsistency, which is related to how we construct our identity through the production and consumption of images.

Following this line of research, In Ictu Oculi proposes a reflection on social behavior, both in terms of personal relationships and on a global scale.

It is a work about the vulnerability of life on the appearance of absolute control that we are trying to create around us, and on violence as something perpetually dormant but always perceived as something extraordinary or extraneous.

In Ictu Oculi

Artist: Greta Alfaro
Production year: 2009
Duration: 00:10:35

Marta Cervera

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