"I Wish I Was a Beam of Light" is the most recent video of the artist. The artist utilizes Roman Polanski's 1965 psycho-thriller "Repulsion" to attempt transcendence, approaching the actress Catherine Deneuve, who in Polanski?s film embodies the figure of psychologically and sexually deranged Carole Ledoux. McQuilkin places herself before her camera in the posture of the near comatose Ledoux, lying on her bed beneath a solitary beam of light, paralyzed and traumatized by the barely perceptible sounds of her sister's sexual encounters in the room above her. The artist physically blends footage of herself with that of Deneuve, alternating the intensity of each so that one is not sure if what he sees is McQuilkin trying to emerge through the face of Deneuve or vice versa.

I wish I was a Beam of Light

Artist: Alex McQuilkin
Production year: 2009
Duration: 00:03:00


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