The video is immersed in existential yearning for the expanses of time and space. Out of the white landscape of snow comes a pair of bustling feet. The term DEFINITION appears, written is golden fluid in the snow. During this scene one can hear the sound of a cigarette-lighter striking and the ringing of a mobile telephone, with which the protagonist attempts in vain to reach someone... Throughout the video one can see a beautiful bank of trees, which divide the image horizontally into earth and sky, into here and there, then and now, into the experienced and not yet experienced, perceived space, situation, state of being. As the view pans from left to right one hears a sound like a helicopter slowly separating and raising itself from the land. Then: silence, white screen, wind, the far away sound of birds singing in the wild. As the video ends you hear a dog barking, very close, beside you. Despite this pastoral idyl one still perceives the urban nature of every video sequence - the pathological restlessness.


Artist: Mariana Vassileva
Production year: 2006
Duration: 00:02:10


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