The border is an artificially constructed place that gets materialized by the crossing of people. We are used to seeing media images of the border that are violent and aggressive in nature, and which are used to manipulate the public opinion about illegal immigration and national security. DE_LETE was filmed along the border line between Tijuana and San Diego, US in the backdrop of the small fishing village Las Playas at the Gulf of Mexico.

DE _LETE takes a look at the border from an alternate perspective. It is shot from a combination of formal, documentary and philosophical genres. The camera captures the human activity along the wired fence of the border in anticipation of the crime. To our surprise, the border materializes itself only when people of all ages come from both sides of the border to perform intimate human communication. By so doing, the fence is transformed into a meeting point, and no attempt to cross it is made.

As this performance of everyday experience unfolds and repeats itself in slow motion, "the border" vanishes and suddenly becomes an ambivalent place at the fringe of two cultures; a new social space with discreet relationships. It is a remote space, controlled by invisible powers.


Artist: Jenny Marketou
Production year: 2006
Duration: 00:02:00
Catalogued as:

Anita Beckers

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