Camera: Reynold Reynolds
Sound: Travis Hefferen
This is the story of Drägerman, a man in a protective suit, who believes to be the last survivor of humankind. Deep down in the labyrinth of an atomic bunker, he's passing his time playing football alone in the chambers and hallways of his concrete underground home. However, the oblivious football player keeps being haunted by memories and visions of the past: images of Bavarian home-iness alter with glimpses of horror in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay, invasions of bird flu-infected chicken, chainsaw wielding monsters and hostage executions by evil terrorists... Bunkerball is an ironic end-time vision, which was produced in 2006 for a site-specific installation in the remains of a defunct commando bunker of the cold war in Bavaria. It reflects on contemporary media hallucinations as well as the hyper mediated soccer world cup, and sports in general.


Artist: Christoph Draeger
Production year: 2006
Duration: 00:08:00

Magnus Müller

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