In any organized society may lack the beauty centers. Also called "beauty salons" or simple community spaces such shops extravagantly vary depending on the area in which they settle. From barber shops to street vendors in the slum districts, sophisticated chic spas, not to mention the typical coiffure salons. All of them are constructed according to different aesthetic tastes and prices, working the "appearances" of customers to make them selves "more aesthetic". The criteria always vary, as well as the agents of change: beauticians, barbers, hairdressers, cosmetologists, makeup artists, including surgeons. Or artists.

According to the dictionary the aesthetic is "artistic, beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, elegant, comfortable, attractive, picturesque, elegant" (SOPENA). The beautiful and artistic. The artistic and beautiful. The changing paradigms of beauty in art history and fashion trends. Looks and ideologies of the time.

Evidence can be like painting and sculpture makeup and surgery as the concept of "improved" with the current Photoshop always present since the "decorum". Relativizing the aesthetic, cosmetic. The artistic. Production of images but mainly construction of representations.

"Mirror, mirror, who is the prettiest?"

Already in earlier works and texts by Susana Torres and Claudia Coca pondered the difficulty of Peruvians to recognize themselves in the mirror, for the internalization of whiteness as a paradigm of beauty and prosperity, and dark as the great myth of the exotic and wild. Like the mass media, our art history has not been spared from falling into aesthetic ideologies rife with stereotypes. It is well through our finest education we have assumed that despite these prejudices perhaps we could never live up to his so-called "standards of beauty." The problem of fitting fashion with the mirror.

But in a country of multiple races and cultures is an unnecessary search for the unique identity, the image prototypically "beautiful". This is instead of using multiple views, such as those embodied by the art circuit, and cosmetic. Search the confrontation meeting different ideologies to form a more consistent with our reality, where it finally is perhaps honest and transvestite makeup. The camouflage.

The works to be displayed both want to be fancy dress as parodies of our tastes learned. Built. The treaty of art history at the cosmetology course. A setting in abyss of diverse aesthetics and his ethics: formal, scholarly, popular, everyday ... The important thing is that now serve as mask-like makeup and masks, to discuss lessons learned from our specialty as the supposedly beautiful. Makeup with a lot of styles and techniques, not to "be" but "to look" more beautiful, more aesthetic, more artistic, more plastic: plastic artists from downtown aesthetics.

This video was presented as a collaborative exhibition Peruvian Beauty, beauty, Municipality of Miraflores, in May 2004 of the artists Claudia Coca and Susan Torres.

Beauty Salon

Artist: Patricia Bueno
Production year: 2004
Duration: 00:03:44


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