The video piece " A Girl, The Sun and an Airplane Airplane" is organized around language and loss. It works with ones failed attempts of speaking but also with the achievements in the production of silence. Potent space opens up within the timeline of pause and silence and the space of cavity between uttering words and a word itself, in finding a way to the next word, sentence. Various people of the same generation in post communistic Albania are asked to utter words or sentences in Russian, the language that was once studied and was an embodiment of hope, love and loyalty. Now, this language is pushed aside, ignored, being 'erased' by English or Italian language/culture. The piece investigates what we convey through not being able to speak, what silence and non verbal communication tells. It shows the way we are inhabited by our own private other, and brings it out. Here, it is mute, manifesting in a glory of suspended self.
The video piece " A Girl, The Sun and an Airplane Airplane" is made by Katarina Zdjelar during her residency period at the TICA, Tirana Institute for Contemporary Art, Tirana, Albania.

A girl, the sun and an airplane airplane

Artist: Katarina Zdjelar
Production year: 2007
Duration: 00:04:46

Mirta Demare

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