"What beauty feels like" is the slogan/logo of the famous hair removal product. A slogan that persuades the audience to believe that they will be beautiful as long they use this hair removal product for touchable, soft, desirable, extra smooth, moisturized and shiny legs that can proudly show off. Here the same slogan is used to celebrate: The pleasure of "failing" to conform to certain presumptions about female appearance. The pleasure of "failing" to satisfy basic expectations of public presentation and image. The pleasure of "failing" to follow social standards for beauty. The pleasure of showing off real touchable, soft, desirable, moisturized,shiny, beautiful, hairy legs ©Fenia Kotsopoulou performance: Fenia Kotsopoulou // Daz Disley voice/shooting/editing: Fenia Kotsopoulou Lincoln (UK) 2015

"What beauty feels like"

Artist: Fenia Kotsopoulou
Production year: 2015
Duration: 00:02:48
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