Participating VAW Artists

Guillermo Martin Bermejo & Rosana Antoli - The Carradine Kids, 2012. Galeria AranaPoveda
Linarejos Moreno - Architectural Intersections II, 2011. Galeria Blanca Berlin
PSJM - Corporate Armies, 2008. Galeria Blanca Soto
Cabello / Carceller - Suite Rivolta, An aesthetic proposal for action, 2011. Galeria Elba Benitez
Alvaro Martinez Alonso - In suspension. Justino, 2011. Galeria Jose Robles


Circuit of 22 art galleries exhibiting videoart

Submitted by: Macu Moran Marcos

Written by: Macu Moran

Start date: 24-05-2012
End date: 04-03-2015
Location: 22 art galleries from Madrid, Spain
Web URL:

Program VIVA OFF Madrid 2012:

May 24th, 25th and 26th 2012
Circuit of 22 Art Galleries from Madrid 
In this occasion, VIVA collaborates with Imagery Affairs to develop VIVA OFF Madrid, a parallel project from VIVA towards the promotion and support of the audiovisual medium. It involves a circuit of 22 art galleries in Madrid, which during those three days, will exhibit contemporary audiovisual works. 

This program, designed by Macu Moran, was carried out with the support of VideoArtWorldArtConsultantDigits without Borders, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain and 22 galleries of the city of Madrid. 
Organization: Macu Moran
Comunication: Ted Delano 
Coordination: Amparo Lopez Corral 
Lope de Vega 22, 28014 Madrid
Guillermo Martin Bermejo & Rosana Antoli - The Carradine Kids, 2012, 1'50" 
In reference to David Carradine, and his 'rugged' death, pictures of women players by Rosana Antolí seek interaction with the anxious children by Guillermo Martin Bermejo, in a desire to experience and seek together new risky forms of pleasure. It is therefore an ode to the death and resurrection. A mirror of a generation defined not temporarily, but by avoiding sexual games evades, and place the viewer in a voyeuristic position, becoming the observer of the atrocious maneuvers masturbation. The drawings leave the flat support to interact with each other or even with machines, in a romantic at heart scenario, which emphasizes this almost theatrical drama.

The constant search for new experiences through drawing, has joined the career of of artists Antolí Rosana(Spain, 1981) and Guillermo Martin Bermejo (Spain, 1967) in the project “The Carradine's Kids”


Orellana 10, Bj., 28004 Madrid
Elina Talvensaari & Mauro Fariñas - How to pick berries, 2010, 18' 45"
Economy is stranger than fiction. Visitors from a distance appear hazy in the swamps of northern Finland. The growing concern among the locals - things are changing, they discover the secret places of berries and everything becomes uncomfortable. Who is to blame and who is benefiting from this? “How to pick berries” is an exploration of the Finnish mind and the absurdities of the world economy.

Mauro Fariñas (Madrid, 1982) graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Cuenca in 2005 and earned his MBA at the Art Academy of Helsinki the following year. He has benefited from support from the Youth Institute of the Community of Madrid, Spain and the Photography Council of Finland, among others. His photographic work is regularly exhibited, mainly in Finland and Germany.



Monte Esquinza 8, 28010 Madrid
Almale Bondia - Insurmountable, 2010, 3 ́39"
The first step toward an organized space is the definition of a territory. The border is the most basic element in any landscape, which protects and excludes. Controls and the signs assure the surveillance. This piece is at the Spanish-French frontier, between Canfranc and Le Pas d'Aspe, to question the political role of the landscape and challenge the concept of "insurmountable", title of the video.

Exploring the perceptual mechanisms that build the scenery is the central issue of the common project that in 2002 joined Javier Almale (Zaragoza, 1969) and Jesus Bondia (Zaragoza, 1952). Through photography and video, both artists make ​​work that conceptually and artistically addresses the task of "reinventing the dramaturgy of landscape."  

Blanca Berlin
Limon 28, 28015 Madrid 
Linarejos Moreno - Architectural Intersections II, 2011, 50' loop
The video “Architectural Intersections  II” is comprised of 68 high resolution pictures showing action taken by the artist in an abandoned mine at dawn. Inspired by a mechanism of scientific proof of the nineteenth Century, Moreno projects through threads forms of the architectural elements of the building, in its opposite wall. The result is the intersection of these geometric figures in space, some delicate "tunnels of threads" that provides the ruin with a new temporary significance, until the artist makes them disappear. The work is performed like a ritual, slowly cutting the wires and capturing the fall of the fragile fibers. The purpose is supported by the stills taken of slow poses, which dismisses the importance of the human figure as a mere ghostly entity.
Linarejos Moreno (Madrid, 1974) seeks architectures steeped in history to lift them briefly out of their role and turn them into places where the ritual is mixed with the past and its personal memory in a kind of living space open to multiple narratives. 
Blanca Soto Arte
Alameda 18, 28014 Madrid
PSJM - Corporate Armies, 2008, 2'44"
As a trailer, "Corporate Armies" anticipates a pattern that simulates the procedures used by the factories of the entertainment market when launching its multimedia products. In this story, made in 3D, describes a world governed by corporations where marketing and totalitarianism unite to create a dystopia. Pursuing the audience in thinking about the fate of global capitalism, once freed from any limitations imposed by democratic institutions.
PSJM artistic team is composed of Pablo San Jose (Mieres, 1969) and Cynthia Viera (Las Palmas, 1973) operating from Berlin. PSJMbehaves as a trademark of art posing questions about the work of art on the market, communication with the consumer or function as artistic quality, using communication resources of the spectacular capitalism relevant to the paradoxes produced by its chaotic development. 
Claudio Coello 19, 28001 Madrid
nadamasmate M. Nogueiras y J. Adan - Without Titles, 2009, 1'55"
The video sets a particular treatment of artist's desperation to pass into different art scenes, using a humorous tone.

nadamasmate group arises in 2009, through the collaboration of Mayte Nogueiras (BBAA- UCM) and Julio Adan(BBAA - UCM and Camberwell College of Arts, London). It has exhibited in venues such as Midi GirlGregorio Prieto MuseumThe Clock House or Fotojaen11

Centro Mexico Madrid
Alameda 3, 28014 Madrid
Rivelino Diaz Bernal - The Prophet (Le prophète), 2004, 3 ́24"
A man in Paris crosses the same street corner mechanically for hours, entering into a trance, fight and scream with some being, a prophet who would like to say something, to evasion and indifference of the people.
Rivelino Diaz studies social anthropology, works with video, installation, object, performance and photography, with subjects such as technology and social mores, so critical and ironic. Diaz lives and works in Madrid. 

Distrito 4
Alcala 115, 1°, 28009 Madrid
Christoph Girardet & Matthias Müller - Maybe Siam, 2009, 12'20"
“Maybe Siam” is the latest video collage Girardet and Müller. Spinning a web of references, this book is an image of denial in exercise: as an whicn cannot see, black separates film clips capturing blind people in extreme situations of their condition, like bumping against walls and furniture, as if they were imprisoned in hostile situations and unnatural environments.
Girardet and Müller have collaborated successfully in their work “Phoenix Tapes”, a contribution to the notorious senior Alfred Hitchcock and Contemporary Museum of Modern Art in Oxford in 1999. His work has been shown in festivals such as CannesVeniceand Berlin and has been exhibited in international institutions such as Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Centre Pompidou, Paris andDeichtorhallen, Hamburg. 
Elba Benitez 
San Lorenzo 11, 28004 Madrid
Cabello / Carceller - Suite Rivolta, An aesthetic proposal for action, 2011, 13'01"
Two dancers choreograph a composition of three movements in which the textual rhythm and the dance itself act as substitutes for music. The project title derives from the Italian radical movement ofthe 70 "Rivolta Femminile" (led by the art critic and theoristCarla Lonzi) and the free structure of the musical suite. Following the thread of the narrative that drives the action are introduced certain performative elements based on the revolutionary aesthetic and civic movements developed in the streets. The interpretation mixes contemporary dance and Spanish dance, linking expressive instruments coming from different cultural traditions but which show the contradictions in which the contemporary subject moves in the search for a shared language.
Cabello / Carceller is an artistic team composed of Helena Cabello (Paris, France, 1963) and Ana Carceller (Madrid, Spain, 1964). With intellectual influences from feminist and gay contemporary theory, they work in a wide range of media, including video, photography, theater and installations, in addition to writing, lectures and classes - Cabello /Carceller rigorously and independently analyzes and criticizes politics of space and  representation mechanisms socially imposed, both conditioned by gender. Cabello / Carceller have had solo exhibitions at the CAAC (Seville) and La Panera (Lleida), and has participated in numerous group exhibitions, as those at the Brooklyn MuseumNational Museum of Spain Reina Sofia (Madrid), Museum Serralves (Porto) and CGAC (Santiago de Compostela). 
Esquina Arte Contemporaneo
Almaden 19, 28014 Madrid
Joanneke Meester Pregnant, 2004, 2'15"
In a mute silence the character tries to innocently cope with an unwanted pregnancy.
Joanneke Meester (The Netherlands, 1966) studied at the Fine Art Academy and the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. She gained international fame with the pistol that she made from her own skin. Her previous installations, sculptures and videos are the result of research into the subcutaneous violence in every human being. In her new works she still addresses existential issues such as: violence and imagination, daily life, obsessions, the male/female opposition, the absurd and identity, covered with humour.
Fernando Pradilla
Claudio Coello 20, 28001 Madrid
Marta Maria Perez Bravo - A dark path I, 2011, 1'03"
The work of Marta Maria Perez Bravo is part of those speeches in which female body stands in the field of symbolic expression, emphasizing the staged, the performative. Her own body plays a key role in all her work, and becomes the means through which she describes the other, but describing herself as other. This set of dualities introduce us in her eerie and fetishist world, strongly influenced by the ethnographic weight of the Afro-Cuban religion.
Marta Maria lives and works in Mexico DF. She graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana (1984). Her work has been exhibited at the Museo del Barrio in New York, Museum of Fine Arts in Havana, Centro Galego of Contemporary Art of Santiago de Compostela, Maison de l'Amerique Latine in Paris or the Vienna Kunsthalle, among others. Her photography is part of important collections, such the Spanish National Museum of Contemporary Art Reina Sofia (Madrid), Musée Européenne de la Photographie(Paris), LatinAmerican Art Collection DAROS (Zurich), National Museum and Fine Arts (Havana) , among others. 
Formato Comodo
Lope de Vega 5, 28014 Madrid
Omar Mahfoudi - Red Carpet, 2011, 2' loop
The work present at the festival is entitled "Red Carpet", a journey down a red carpet for a European event, stopping at the other side of the carpet where there is another reality.
Omar Mahfoudi born in Tangier in 1981 where he studied at the Moulay Youssef Schools. Exhibitions of his paintings have traveled throughout Morocco in group exhibitions. His video The Prophecy was selected to participate in the exhibition "Capturing North-African Sunbeams," curated by Macu Moran for Manifesta 8 along with artists such as Mounir Fatmi and Zineb Sedira. His first solo exhibition was in Casablanca art house and in 2010 at Formato Comodo gallery, Madrid, which showed a selection of pictures and videos depicting characters and ways of living in Tangier. In 2008 he won the 2nd Prize at the Film Festival of Young Talents 2009 issued during the Cannes Film Festival for Young Filmmakers

Conde de Xiquena 12, 1° Izq., 28004 Madrid
Vincenzo Castella - Hammie Nixon's people, 1978-1979, 38'
A blues story filmed in 16mm. In Tennessee and Mississippi, USA, in 1978 by Vincenzo Castella. Artist photographer Vincenzo Castella with Lucio Maniscalchi made this semi-imaginary biography about a family of blues musicians in 1978. The result is an intentionally 38 minutes duration clumsy homevideo-style 16mm. film, developed and edited in Cinecitta, Rome in 1979.
Vincenzo Castella was born in Naples in 1952 and is currently living in Milan. First became involved in photography in 1975 and 1982, completed this Geografia Privata, a series of colour photographs of domestic interiors. Worked in 1976, 1978 and 1980 in the USA, on the Hammie Nixon's People project, dedicated to African Americans, their lives and architecture in the cities of the deep south. He has exhibited his works in Europe and the USA since 1980. His works are stored in the most important archives and public and private collections. 
Jose Robles
Belen 2, 28004 Madrid
Alvaro Martinez Alonso - In suspension. Justino, 2011, 1'48'
"In Suspension" shows a personal perspective about a collective issue, the current social, laboral and financial crisis affecting Spain nowadays. Allegories filled with cultural, social and economic references are presented in the interpretation of reality of the artist.
Alvaro Alonso Martinez has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the UPV in Valencia, also studied art at the University of the Basque Country and at the Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule of Halle (Germany). He received the Injuve Visual Arts prize in 2011, theValencia Crea prize 2011, the 2nd Prize of the XII Competition for Young creators of Salamanca, and was selected in the Second Biennial Call for Spanish Videoartists of the 100 Kubik Gallery of Cologne, Germany, among others. Recently exhibited at theCervantes Institute in Berlin and Hamburg, Museum Patio Herreriano of Valladolid, Spain, Cultural Center El Parque of Rosario, Argentina, Tabacalera, Madrid, Bilbaoarte in Bilbao and C.A.R Contemporary Art Ruhr from Essen, Germany. 
Juana de Aizpuru
Barquillo 44, 1o , 28004 Madrid
Cristina Lucas - Toward the wild, 2011, 16'
"Toward the wild" shows us a young woman who decides on its own initiative to be subject to legal process aimed to disintegrate of social. The enlightened world we have built since the West seems to have as characteristic the inevitability of its rules. The individual is subject to a political behavior impossible to  avoid. However, this brave young woman defies the system through her own mechanisms. What once was a common punishment for minor offenses in Europe and its colonies, now serves as an escape valve, a return key, the institutional process toward the wild.
Cristina Lucas (Jaen, 1973) lives and works in Madrid. She has exhibited since 2000 in Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume, Paris,Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon, Det Nationale Fotomuseum, Copenhagen, Museum of Art Carrillo Gil, Mexico City, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, The Netherlands, CA2M - Art Centre Dos de Mayo , Mostoles, mam - Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo,MART-Museo d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto, among others. She has been invited to several international biennials: TOUCH: - Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary ArtReflections: The World Through Art - Dojima River Biennale, Osaka,INTEGRATION AND RESISTANCE 10th Biennial of HavanaIN LIVING CONTACT 28th Bienal de São PauloOptimism 10th International Istanbul BiennialBELIEF I Singapore Biennale. Her work is in collections such as Centre Pompidou - Musée National d'Art Moderne, Paris, Kiasma - Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki; Musac - Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla and Leon,NMAC Foundation Montenmedio, Vejer, Cadiz, Galeria Juana of Aizpuru, Madrid.
La Fabrica Galeria
Alameda 9, 28014 Madrid
Marina Abramovic - Breathing in Breathing Out with Ulay, 1978, 16'58"
With their noses blocked with cigarette filters, the artists share their breath desperately depending on each other to survive. The physical fight is visibly tiring, due to inhalation of carbon dioxide.
Marina Abramovic (Belgrade, 1946). From 1975 to 1988 began to work with Ulay. Their complicity and attraction, and its excellent harmony and understanding, created a body of work focused on their own relationship as a couple.
La Fresh Gallery
Conde de Aranda 5, 28001 Madrid
Pablo Perez Sanmartin - Tired of waiting for the end, 2012, 2'
The animation “Tired of waiting for the end” is a journey through video-games landscapes, posing an activity devoid of purpose or specific direction,  turning into an atavistic process of searching for a horizon within this universe built as parallax scroll of classic video games.
Obsessed with mass culture, youth subcultures, heterotopias and the daily rituals that occur in them, the work of Pablo Perez Sanmartin has been followed by Museums and Institutions like the New Museum (Houston, Texas), MARCO Vigo, CAI of Gijon, CGACof Santiago de Compostela, Casa Encendida (Madrid) and in various galleries and state competitions.
Magda Bellotti
Fucar 22, 28014 Madrid
Xoan Anleo - The air between things, 2011, 1'58"
Xoán Anleo presents two new works, a two-channel video installation that gives the exhibition its title, “The air between things” and a single channel video made ​​after his residence in Iceland “On the evening” referred to the special light of the country with days or endless nights, which addresses the idea of ​​the silent nature and landscape.
Xoán Anleo (Marin, 1960) has a PhD in Fine Arts from the University of Castilla-La Mancha. He focuses his work in the audiovisual, performing film / video, photography, music and audio installations.


My Name's Lolita Art
Almaden 12, 28014 Madrid
Chus Dominguez Notes on ephemeral. Eslava pension, Pamplona 2010, 2011, 28'
Like a travelogue of the filmmaker's stay in the pension Eslava, in the old quarters of Pamplona, these “Notes on ephemeral” are filmed like life itself: no turning back, accepting mistakes, peering into fleeting lives that come and go, like notes on the inexorable passage of time.
Chus Dominguez (Leon, 1967) is a visual artist who uses video and film like tools and documentary like language. Works with items straight from reality to build on them narratives are among the documentary, experimental and poetic. 
Oliva Arauna
Barquillo 29, 28004 Madrid
Alexandra Ranner - Silencio Subito, 2010, 12'25"
The work "Silencio Subito" shows a man sitting on a couch listening in the room a soto voce murmur, which he experiences as an overwhelming tumult and shouts "Silence! If I do not have absolutely silent at this time, Silence!” (speaking in a dialect of Bavaria, the artist's home country). Tension before the explosion and despair that increases his loneliness.
German artist Alexandra Ranner works around spaces that she recreates, following techniques of architectural layout. Photography, video and installation show spaces with little furniture, dense textures and calm silences. Her work is marked by a personal language where minimalist realism and gimmicky baroque live within imaginary spaces, opened to the viewer's imagination. 
Raquel Ponce
Alameda 5, 28014 Madrid
Ricardo Calero - Sea flooding, 2001-2011, 4'33"
Using the metaphor of passports "journey", one of the dramatic realities of today's society is visualized. This metaphor of the identity also refers to each of our lives, identified by a name and a number.
Much of the artistic work of Ricardo Calero and the poetics of his actions and speeches take place in and on the territory. Calero carries out projects at carefully chosen locations, loading them with symbolism and reflection on art and society. 
Rita Castellote
San Lucas 9, 28004 Madrid
Alessia de Montis - T.A.C. – Trasformazione Armonica Cosciente, 2004, 2'55"
In Odissea Contemporanea (Contemporary Odyssey) are introduced two works by the italian artist Alessia de Montis, as part of a study conducted over 10 years, and based on feminine energy and the woman as a witch -in the magical sense of the word.
Alessia De Montis born in Livorno in 1976, and lives and works in between Milan, Bologna and Rome. As visual artist, she imagines art as an open space, a global architecture that allows her to translate the needs into images. 
VIVA thanks its collaborators:
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VIVA Chief Curator: Macu Moran