Participating VAW Artists

Video with Color Correction

Submitted by: Natalia Monakhova

Written by: artist Natalia Monakhova, curator Ayana Chigzhit

Start date: 16-10-2015
End date: 23-10-2015
Location: Moscow
Web URL:

You are welcome to take a look at nothing. What for? Why should anyone be interested in watching something with no action? Why should you watch me eating, taking medicine, editing a video, lying on a sofa, discussing some stuff with my husband? 
What is it actually? Is it true or fake? Suppose I want to document, record, go through and chew out my everyday, reality, privacy. Then why after showing how I eat, I don’t show you how I go to the toilet? I just don’t want to attract attention away from the main issue - the edge between life and art. 

Do you really think I lie on the couch on camera the way I lie on it for real? Being honest is not my point. It’s too boring. It is enough that the videos are boring. There is no beginning, no culmination, no resolution, even no big words. But there is a lot of time. Too much time spent for nothing. Time documented, recorded, edited. With color correction. The everyday in quotes. Like this «the everyday».