Participating VAW Artists

See Me & Training

Submitted by: Maja Hodoscek

Written by: Maja Hodoscek

Start date: 27-06-2019
End date: 15-09-2019
Location: Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova (MSUM) Ljubljana
Web URL:

In her work Maja Hodošček explores social relations through the politics of exchange and collaboration; in particular, she is interested in speculative models of representation in relation to the documentary. She focuses on the concepts of work and education as means of self-realization, on the dynamic of work processes, their transformative potential and the status of the subject in the organization and structure of labor.


In Draught, Hodošček is presenting two videos produced this year. In See Me, she constructed a situation that exposes an intimate interplay between a professional actor and the camera. In this particular setting, the camera is not instructive, it doesn’t portray or represent any interest besides its own presence. What kind of attitudes does this mere presence produce?


The video reflects upon the current conditions of production within contemporary visual art as well as beyond, that demand constant visibility and consistent performance. It underlines the process of waiting for the right opportunity, the search for the perfect performance or image, displays an ongoing negotiation, questioning and the frustration of not being seen. It emphasizes exhaustion, anxiety and a relationship to the camera that is ambivalent and exposed to manipulation.

In Training we hear an extract from an intensive training seminar that Hodošček attended at a local high school. The training is designed for high-school teachers and led by an invited external guest – a professional coach. The aim is to introduce the idea of entrepreneurship as a model for an advanced way of teaching. With his highly motivational pitch, the coach tries to convince the teachers of the need to inculcate an entrepreneurial mindset in their students so they can confront the challenges of contemporary life. The footage shows a regular gym class. The students are tired, they exercise slowly and listlessly.