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Lindsay Tartan Kilt

Lindsay Tartan

Submitted by: Faryal Qasim

Written by: Ayesha Qasim

Start date: 20-09-2019
End date: 27-09-2019
Location: Brooklyn.NY
Web URL:

The Lindsay Tartan Kilt provides the perfect balance between earthy green hues and rich cherry reds to bring you a subtle, yet charming tartan kilt. This kilt's pattern features three instances of red colors arranged in a square. The final panel of the square features a forest green hue. 

Running through all of the red and the green are thick and thin midnight blue lines. These help to unify the colors and tone down their vibrant nature. You can choose the buttons and hardware you would like while giving your waist and hip size, as well as your Lindsay Tartan length and fell measurement.