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LifE in another Earth

Submitted by: Macu Moran Marcos

Written by: Macu Morán

Start date: 12-02-2016
End date: 03-03-2016
Location: Galeria Cinabrio, Leon, Spain
Web URL:

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is mystery, source of all true art and true science". Albert Einstein.

In this series Macu Morán continues to explore her concept of The Organic Code, the cannon that, according to her, operates as catalyst of our multi-Universal existence as the ultimate essence of Beauty, Math and Science, beyond the frontiers of current understanding. In an effort to illustrate her hypothesis, she proposes LifE in another Earth, specifically in the recently discovered planet Kepler-186f, regarded as an Earth's cousin because of its vital similarities.

With this purpose she shows photography of our planet, taken in distant places, digitally and analogously manipulated by means of fractals, textures, light prisms and microscopic and macroscopic captures, building up an allegory of this parallel world.


The show also includes her earlier video LifE=mc2, which identifies Life with Energy, manifesting that life is neither created nor destroyed, but transformed, which scientifically validates certain ontological foundations of our civilization, such as reincarnation, so remotely considered nowadays.

This suggested code has been illustrated in the sacred geometry of the Buddhist Mandalas, as well as in the psychedelic art of the 60s counterculture, as it is visualized when the pineal gland produces the spiritual molecule, N,N-Dimethiltryptamine (DMT). It remains a mystery why our bodies produce this molecule in altered states of consciousness, such as the ones reached under psychotropic influence, transcending meditation rituals and near death experiences.


The code is also very prevalent in pre-logic civilizations, regarded to have a limbic cortex thinking process, which emotivism allowed them to mystically melt the inner and outer world. 

Nowadays, when quantum physics wonder of Buddhist insights, in an effort to determine the inconceivable attitude of Neutrinos, this Organic Code gains importance as it comprehend in itself the universal consciousness, identifying the observer with the observed.

Always obsessed in capturing this ethereal order that structures coherence, Macu Morán’s works might differ in shapes and techniques, but are loyal to a pronounced style, engaged with light and in love with subtle complexities such as colors personalities and soul dynamics. The ever-increasing possibilities that innovative materials and technology breakthroughs allow fosters her curiosity and discerning nature, letting her produce highly sensorial visual experiences.

Wandering around her expressions enables the visitor to visualize a mirror effect to see the whole in the fragment and the fragment in the whole, perceiving patterns of the organic code and the golden ratio, candidly astonished by the harmony, equilibrium and symmetry that nature wit provides us with in so many aspects of our existence.  

Inspired in the crossroads of art, science and spirituality, the artist appeals to instincts and sensitivity as avenues for input of higher realities, forerunners of human evolution.  

The show overwhelms science with its generous imagination, braiding aesthetic luminous images with sociological backgrounds, in a garden of spheres, lights, colors, curves and cuts, which looking familiar wrap us up in a frequency as real as abstract.


With this aim, she insightfully articulates visual and sound elements that match the universality of these ideas, in an effort to reveal the cardinal directions of galactic activity and the centripetal energies that define our particular destiny. 


Her particular ability to create alterative realities pursuing the continuum flux that rules the micro and macrocosms, inherent to logic but of an incorporeal nature, helps discovering thrilling connections when transferring it to the social dimension. This strong commitment with the multifaceted development of contemporary human being cognitive faculties shows her far-sighted approach to art.

Macu Morán co-creates seeking cosmic validation, which formal empathy with nature easily seduces the viewer, invited to navigate through her cerebral fantasy, heading towards fascinating suggestions and sensible melodies for the senses.


“Soul eyes awake. Spirit gets into a deluge of clarity. The thickness of love that floats in the electromagnetic fields overwhelms you. The cosmic flux flows through your veins. The truth is seen. It is unconceivable. But all that happens is key”. Macu Morán