Born in Ulm (Germany), 1961
Lives & works in Berlin (Germany)
Very active in: 80s, 90s, 2000s, Current decade

Representative galleries:
Magnus Müller

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Video Art Works

Happy Tears (2006)
Sternennacht (2004)
Black Scream (2006)

Sabine Groß uses an array of different techniques, such as film, sound, light or space, in her search for answers, which may put light on the creative process. What particularly interests her in this context, is that ­ due to the nature of human perception ­ a work of art always remains an extremely subjective construction, with rules all its own. Another strong interest of the artist is the questioning and permeating of surfaces, the process of fragmentation as well as the ensuing deconstruction, and as a consequence, Gross¹ ongoing consideration of the art work¹s value status. To what extent may works of art be considered ³final products² and how do we appreciate the value of playful updating and adaption, beyond the strategies of provocation and taboo-breaking, which in between have become historical? Warren Neidich Warren Neidich believes that a role of the artist is to enlarge the notion of what art is and what it can be. Art is a continually expanding universe of possibilities that through its interaction with other discourses generates new languages with which the mind can play and create. Neidich uses photography, film, and new media to discover how aesthetic practice, philososphy, architecture, and design interface in abstract ways with new ideas of perceptual becoming, such as neuroplasticity and Neural Darwinism/Neuroconstructivism. Together they reconfigure and revitalize conceptual-based practice, providing new means to produce and distribute information. In the end these coevolving systems form a collective choreography, to produce ways to understand the construction of global Subjectivities.


  • In the mood for today
    What day is today? How to define Monday? What is a Thursday? What are Saturdays like? What meanings does each day evoke in the collective imagination? How is today defined?