Born in (Netherlands), 1972

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Angry White Male (2016)

Follow Message User Bio Born In 1972 and Anarchistic from nature
i like to address social and geopolitical issues who have to be dealt with for an more honest and equal world society ! and by the vessel of Film Art i will try to contribute in that direction, mine work is also described as being Metaphysic_, Anthroposophyc and on some work this is true ! however mine approach is mostly different starting each new project and its is the wiling outcome of process itself, many work is what i like to cal improrovisation Filmmaking this all come down on an very emotional way of working at the spot even though the work before was sometimes over analysed almost always at the moment of filming at the location i just follow mine instinct and emotions ! , art is an language on its own with its own dynamic , and mostly try to reach out to the soul of mankind, any film i make is an personal experience and spiritual journey
any styl form is part of mine own search to get an surtain emotion across to the viewer.
Returning Four pillars are Religion , Greed, Fascism and War . And the transience of things !
On Aesthetics, :Inspired By the force of Nature Colours, Form , shape ,urban and rural Landscapes, structure of mass ,The human body
Human interactions , Poetry ...Beauty ,Dead ,the sound of the wind ,and sometimes ...Nothing conscience at all !