Born in (India), 1983
Very active in: 2000s, Current decade

I'm self represented

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Video Art Works

Ocean within a Drop (2017)
Where have all the birds gone (2018)

Romicon Revola a.k.a Romi is a contemporary visual artist based in Bangalore, India. Her art practice encompasses monumental public sculpture, installation, painting, video and digital art. “The pursuit of truth, which is often hidden in the subconscious layer of human minds, has been the crux of all my artistic endeavours. In my art practice, spanning roughly 12 years, I have explored a diverse range of subjects from identity to sustainability and cosmology to consumption. My visual language has evolved through a continuous exploration of materials and technologies. I’m a curious person by nature and this curiosity to understand and express the gamut of human experience is what drives me to create art,” says Romi.

In her large scale works installed in public spaces in Bangalore Romi has appropriated the stainless steel material, often considered either industrial or masculine, to weave narratives of feminine musings.   Romi is the recipient of the 2019 CIMA Infosys Special Award as well as the 2019 KWAA (Karnataka Women Acheivers Award) award for Excellence in Art & Culture.

Her immersive digital art project “#Who R U?” was part of “The Future is Here”, a major art & technology show curated by Dr. Arshiya Lokahndwala for the Bajaj Foundation, Mumbai. Her video “Ocean within a drop” was screened at the Birmingham Art Summit at MAC in the UK on World Water Day in 2018. Her functional art collaboration with sustainable Indian fashion brand Aranyani was showcased at the New York Fashion Week in the spring of 2018.
Her work is also in various private collections in India and abroad. In Bangalore she is involved in several art initiatives and community art programs.