Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina), 1970
Lives & works in (Spain)
Very active in: 2000s, Current decade

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Video Art Works

Late Ranura (2008)

Fabian Kesler

Graduate in Electroacoustic Composition, multimedia, music and interactive arts teacher, sound designer, keyboardist and live artist.
He has composed and interpreted music in different groupings of varied musical styles, and for dance works, theater, videoarts, relaxation and advertising.
Lately he investigates about the compositive spatialization of the audio one and about interactive software for performances.

Ricardo Reich

Engineer in mechanics and in electronic systems, he overturned to the art and especially to the video, so much in their generation as in their processing and live performance in multimedial events.
He also experiments in the creation of ainimated objects starting from real models. He acts as VeeJay in electronic music and multidisciplinary events, and also generates complete visual designs for dance works and multimedia.


2006 We participated in a multimedia event (movement+sound+visuals) "Sinestesia 2", created and directed by Jorge Grela and presented at Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires.Both image and sound was generated and processed live at real time.
"Sinestesia 3" presented at Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

2007 We designed, built and composed a interactive video installation with sound, called "Album", presented at Centro Cultural Recoleta with the architect Micaela Puig.
We also designed the interactive receptors, as well as, created the schedule of reaction for microphones, software Max MSP.
We also design electronic devices for application in instalations and scenic arts.