Born in London (United Kingdom), 1965
Lives & works in London (United Kingdom)
Very active in: 90s, 2000s, Current decade

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Aayamaguchi has worked with performance, painting, installation and video, producing painterly abstracts, intensely coloured multi-monitor installations and gallery artworks. He plays with colour, texture, movement and light, with multiple layers of rhythm and motion dancing and pulsating on the screens, each monitor a component of a whole visual network.

Interested in light, colour and form, Aayamaguchi explores the aesthetic possibilities of video. With regards to the piece "Inner Colour" he states: " The still presented here, like many other images in the Study Collection, is in black and white whereas the tape is in colour. The collection of black and white images were originally largely used in printed matter such as screening pamphlets, preceding today's cheaper and more widespread use of colour."