Born in Dobric (Bulgaria), 1964
Lives & works in Berlin (Germany)
Very active in: 2000s, Current decade

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Video Art Works

Definition (2006)
Jumping Man (2000)
Journal (1990)
Reflections (2006)
The Milkmaid (2006)

Mariana Vassileva transforms still life and movement through visual representation of a new energetic harmony. She is not interested in the physical act of the movement, but in the mental process behind it.
In a minimal way, she transforms objects, situations and manners, and presents them in another reference at a lyric level. The spectator begins to appreciate the work through the emotional movement into a strangely represented world. In this process, he is animated toward a heightened sensibility of daily variations.
Mariana Vassileva's works emanate from her experiences and emotions in her new living environment. Her videos seem timeless and they take us on at times meditative journeys through space and time, which always begin with the gender, biography and role of the self. With simple but nevertheless symbol-ladden pictures of great beauty, the artist succeeds in transporting such complex themes as fear, escape, orientation and the search for freedom. At the same time, Mariana Vassileva always manages to subliminally counteract the seemingly harmless casualness of her works.


Since 1991 lives and works in Berlin, Germany 1994-2000 Studied at the Universität der Künste, Berlin, Germany
1998-1999 Billedskolen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Solo Exhibitions

2008 Mariana Vassileva, Musée d'art Contemporain Montréal / Montréal, Canada new works, DNA / Berlin, Germany
2007 SPEEDFORMEL, DNA / Berlin, Germany
Reflections, videokunstreihe im foyer, screen spirit_continued, Städtische Galerie Bremen / Bremen, Germany
2006 Goethe Institut, Sofia / Bulgaria
Gallery Art&Food, Gijón / Spain
nothing is just, with Rivka Rinn, DNA Berlin, Germany
2005 SPIEGEL/LICHT, DNA / Berlin, Germany 2004 Rasender Stillstand III, Prima Center / Berlin, Germany 2003 Rasender Stillstand II, DNA / Berlin, Germany 2000 Rasender Stillstand I, Galerie Weißer Elefant / Berlin, Germany

Group Exhibitions

2008 Hermandades Escultoricas, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Ateneo de Yucatan, Merida; Mexiko
Beyond Stereotypes, Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Germany
Collection Videos & Films Jean Conrad & Isabelle Lemaître, Kunsthalle zu Kiel / Kiel, Germany
Beyond Stereotypes, Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Aachen, Germany
2007 Martes de Galería, Martes de Videoarte, BlackBoxArt Foundation / San Juan, Puerto Rico
Garten Eden. Der Garten in der Kunst seit 1900, Kunsthalle in Emden / Emden, Germany
Cine y Casi Cine, Museo Reina Sofía / Madrid, Spain
BAC! 07, Barcelona International Contemporary Art Festival / Barcelona, Spain
Bulgaria? ...Oh, yes, Bucharest!, Week of Contemporary Art 2007, Centre for Contemporary Art / Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Video Killed The Painting Star, DA2 Salamanca / Salamanca, Spain
Wunder der Prärie, zeitraum_ex!t, Büro für Kunst Mannheim / Mannheim, Germany
leibhaftig, Städtische Galerie / Ravensburg, Germany
leibhaftig, Kunstverein Konstanz / Konstanz, Germany
FACCIA LEI, Spazio Thetis / Venice, Italy
Visual Immortality VI, M54 Projektraum / Basel, Switzerland
Mariana Vassileva, Asli Sungu, zeitraumexit e.V. / Mannheim, Germany
LOOP / Barcelona, Spain
1a Bienal del Fin del Mundo / Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Portrait: Berlin, curated by Matthias Harder, The Moving Gallery, Nebraska Art Association / Omaha, USA
Berliner Ansichten, curated by Tereza de Arruda, Paço das Artes / São Paulo, Brazil
Videokunstreihe im Foyer, Städtische Galerie Bremen / Bremen, Germany 2006 VIDEOART UNA VISIÓ ACTUAL, Sala d'Art CAIXA DE MANLLEU / Vic, Spain
Vokuhila - Fragen der Form, curated by Ludwig Seyfarth, DECK Gallery / Stuttgart, Germany
II Festival Internacional de Videopoesia 2006 / Buenos Aires, Argentina
Optica Festival / Gijon, Spain
Babylons Shade, ARTos foundation curated by Ewald Stastny / Nikosia, Cyprus
Paradise: A Step to the Left, tactileBOSCH / More Front Studio / Cardif, Wales
2 International Biennial of Contemporary Art / Shumen, Bulgaria
People and spaces, Riga Congress Center, curated by Matthias Harder / Riga, Latavia
Das kommt davon, Backfabrik / Berlin, Germany
ART COLOGNE, booth DNA, Berlin / Cologne, Germany
LOOP / Barcelona, Spain
DIVA / New York, USA 2005 VideoNow!, White Trash Contemporary / Hamburg, Germany
In Absentia, Exhibiton at the HOUSE Project, Chapter Art Center, curated by Tereza de Arruda / Cardif, Wales
Reflexionen, Art Center Friedrichstrasse / Berlin, Germany
Open Space, curated by Iara Boubnova / Vienna, Austria
DIVA / New York, USA 2004 LOOP, International Video Art Fair / Barcelona, Spain
5 x 5 Skulptur am Pfefferberg II / Berlin, Germany
all about...SKULPTUR IN BERLIN, whiteBOX, KULTFABRIK / Munich, Germany
Neither In the Sky, Nor On the Earth, Museum of Contemporary Art / Skopje, Macedonia 2003 ZEITGENÖSSISCH! Kunst in Berlin, KPM / Berlin, Germany
KEUMSAN Gallery / Seoul, South Korea
Up and Coming, ARCO Madrid, curated by Rosa Martinez / Madrid, Spain 2002 INSIDEOUT 5. Festival of Contemporary Art UNDABDIEPOST2002, curated by Johann Nowak and Eva Scharrer / Berlin, Germany
Blaue Nacht, Kunst Bunker / Nürnberg, Germany 2001 Fünf Sterne - Fluchtwege, Galerie Weißer Elefant / Berlin, Germany 2000 Festival of Vision, curated by Johann Nowak / Hong Kong, China 1999 undabdiepost1999, 3. Festival junger experimenteller Kunst, Postfuhramt / Berlin, Germany


  • Barcelona LOOP FAIR 2004
    Video Art Fair 2004
  • Video Killed The Painting Star
    DA2 (Domus Artium 2002), Salamanca (Spain). 20.Apr.-27.Jun 2007
  • Hip & Cool
    A selection of fresh works, with brash and indolent touches, which subtly sketches the philosophical impasse that remains after you have forgotten everything you learned.
  • In the mood for today
    What day is today? How to define Monday? What is a Thursday? What are Saturdays like? What meanings does each day evoke in the collective imagination? How is today defined?
    A (his)tory of audiovisual contemporary art made by women (1944-2009)