Lives & works in San Juan (Puerto Rico)
Very active in: 2000s, Current decade

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Jennifer Allora ( b.1974) Guillermo Calzadilla ( b.1971)

The American/Cuban artist duo, Allora & Calzadilla has collaborated since 1995, living and working in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Their work deals with the intersection between anthropology and art with a particular focus on how the underlying construct of power in the globalised world affects social and geological conditions.

In their films Allora & Calzadilla take as point of departure situations that in various ways refer to political and cultural realities. They have a keen eye for how seemingly little everyday occurrences can function as images or metaphors of overall global contexts. Through these situations the artists try to open up to ways of rethinking our world order and our relations with each other.

Through a critical lens, Allora & Calzadilla investigate the influence and aftereffects of political, social and cultural measures in places like Iran, Berlin, New Orleans and Puerto Rico. Despite the often documentary approach, Allora & Calzadilla generate hybrid works of art, mixtures of sculpture, performance, photography, audio and video, resulting in aesthetic and poetic images?of the complex issues they deal with. 

Their work should not be viewed as expressions of anti-globalist attitudes, but rather as attempts to create new ways of confronting, reacting and dealing in a globalised world. 

Allora holds a BA from the University of Richmond, Virginia and a MA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Calzadilla holds a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) from Escuela de Artes Plásticas de San Juan, Puerto Rico and from Bard College, New York. Most recently they exhibited at Kunsthalle Zurich in 2007, Dallas Museum of Art in 2006, and SMAK Stedelijik Museum voor Actuele Kunst in 2006. Additionally, they were nominated for the Guggenheim Hugo Boss Award and received a DAAD fellowship for 2008.

They have been selected as US representatives for the Venice Biennial in 2011.