Lives & works in New York (United States)
Very active in: 90s, 2000s, Current decade

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Janet Biggs is among a substantial group of artists who turned to video and video installation in the early 1990s. She received her undergraduate degree from Moore College of Art, and pursued graduate studies at Rhode Island School of Design. Trained in painting and sculpture she has exhibited since 1987. Biggs is known for a body of work centering on the image of the horse. Her work is condensed yet epic. In her earlier video installations, Biggs has examined the way society constructs gender, often using the image of the horse as an emblem of female sexual sublimation and masculine power.

More recently Biggs has focused on themes ranging from the representation of desire and pleasure to issues of spectatorship and aging. She has broadened this inquiry into questions of power and control by drawing connections between social and pharmacological prescriptions on behavior. Her multiple-channel installations, condensed yet epic, have garnered her a strong critical reputation and numerous museum exhibitions, as well as a position that places her work in the lineage of post-feminist discourse.