Born in Strasbourg (France), 1969
Lives & works in Berlin (Germany)

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Mathilde ter Heijne mainly focuses on installations & videoart. The scenes of her video installations present conflicts, unrest and brutality, like we know them from the daily media and from our daily life. Accordingly she selects the sources for her works. Preferably excerpts from the media, like news, or elements from movies and there particularly romances. The connection of those two sources so different at first sight, show the disaster questioned, which comes to life by the artistic treatment of Ter Heijnes. The result is the collage from text and documentary film with a completely own narrativen structure. Ter Heijne looks for the points of contact between the religious and national conflicts, which are conveyed daily by the media on the one hand and personal conflicts in relations on the other hand. Ter Heijne not only appears as artist in her works, but also as director, actress and since the year 2000 as double in shape of life sized doll.