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"What beauty feels like" (2015)
(Dis)remembering (2013)

I am a UK-resident, Greek-born cross-disciplinary artist (performance (art), dance, video, photography) holding an MFA in Choreographing Live Art from the University of Lincoln (UK), ) a BA Honours in Dance from the National Dance Academy of Rome (Italy) and a BA in Italian Language and Literature from the Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki (Greece).   Over the course of the last four years, video making and photography became a dominant and persistent component of my artistic practice. All my inspiration comes from the daily life, encounters, observation of interpersonal relationships, abandoned places, gender politics, feminist approaches on female subjectivity and identity. Pivotal topics of recent projects include the body as gathering place of emotions and site of transformation, personal and collective memory, fragmentation, construction and deconstruction of female identity, performativity of documentation and different uses of personal archives. In search of an holistic way to express my vision, and based on a rhizomatic approach of making art, I collaborate with artists from different fields and different cultural backgrounds.