Born in Madrid (Spain), 1965
Lives & works in Madrid (Spain)
Very active in: 90s, 2000s, Current decade

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Video Art Works

Protected Zone (2007)
Running (2009)

Chus Garcia Fraile is supported by a coherent trajectory of work along which she has worked with many different mediums, always shooting a critical look towards the society of consumption and its manifestations; her pictorial series about running shoes or containers, her photographs about epic advertising, or her videographic creations like the continuous Mercado demonstrate the capacity of the artist to strip the mundane objects of the superfluous and makes emerge from them their true nature like myths of the actual consumption of society.
Mery Cuesta


  • VIVA Show at MOCA Seoul
    Along with the MACBA Collection show La Sombra del Habla, MMCA Seoul exhibits every Saturday of September three selections from VIVA, International tour of Videoart and Collections works, along with curatorial program Restless (E)motion.
  • In the mood for today
    What day is today? How to define Monday? What is a Thursday? What are Saturdays like? What meanings does each day evoke in the collective imagination? How is today defined?
  • Restless (E)Motion
    Spanish artists reflecting on the emotional uneasiness of the human being