Born in Barcelona (Spain),
Lives & works in Barcelona (Spain)
Very active in: 90s, 2000s, Current decade

Representative galleries:
Anya Tish

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Video Art Works

Espiral (1995)
La habitación silenciosa (2007)
Las horas (2007)
Macrocaricias (2007)
La lechuga y el caracol (2007)
Pandora (2006)
Nunca más volveré (1995)
Tú mismo (1994)

'Passage' explores movement, the loss of innocence, sexual learning, and the construction of the emotions.

The work forms an integral part of the project I have been working on over the last few years, Aprendizaje (Learning). It arises out of the intuition of a universe forever lost inside the mother, in which childhood, youth, maturity, and old age remain incrusted, only to reveal themselves in fragments at any one particular time. The roots of ?Passage? lie in memory and the distance at which we remember our own experience. It examines the levels of narrative we use to configure our world.

The work is a construct gestated from memory and the distance from which we recall our own experience. It embraces the levels of narrative that emerge from the changes that compose our world. Conceptually, it develops a view of the world based on the foundations of memory and on the various stages in which it manifests itself, while formally synthesizing aspects inherent to painting, photography and cinema.

Lenticular digital photography allows the sequences to appear and then disappear; this process begins by collecting documentary materials selected in a specific situation. First come numerous photographic sessions capable of reconstructing the superimposed layers that are used to fabricate memory itself, based on the various takes of the moment.

Depending on the spectator's physical path, the lens permits appearing/disappearing of the features that build up to a final image, which is always an image in movement. This gives rise, in a way, to the effect of a 'cracked narrative', one in which the spectator completes with his physical movement and personal experience. The final image can thus be experienced through the accumulation of instants, outside of conscious control. 'Passage' is a portrait of ourselves, a portrait of the extent to which we are in others, and they in us.

Begona Egurbide



Passage, Lenticular Photography, Anya Tish Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA.
Pandora, Group Exhibition, Esposta Cultural Association, Verona, Italy.
Las Horas, VIDEOAKT International Videoart , Berlin, Germany.
Alrededor del deseo/Around Desire, Caixa Forum, Barcelona, Spain.
Pandora, Video Presentation, Bologna University, Bologna, Italy.
Dubai Art Fair, Bolsa de Arte Gallery, Porto Alegre, Brasil.
Buenos Aires Art Fair, Bolsa de Arte Gallery, Porto Alegre, Brasil.
Sao Paulo Art Exhibition, Bolsa de Arte Gallery, Porto Alegre, Brasil.


Sao Paulo Art Exhibition, Bolsa de Arte Gallery, Porto Alegre, Brasil.
Childhood, Bolsa de Arte Gallery, Porto Alegre, Brasil.
Childhood Amber 2007, Istanbul, Turkey.
Art Miami-Basel, Bolsa de Arte Gallery, Porto Alegre, Brasil.
El rey de la casa/The King of the Castle, Group Exhibition, Palau de la Virreina, Barcelona, Spain.
Lobo Feroz/Ferocious Wolf, VIDET Vilanova i la Geltrú Video Festival, Barcelona, Spain


Tiempo Irreal/Unreal Time, Group Exhibition, Espacio Líquido Gallery, Gijón, Spain.
Lisboa Art Fair, Bolsa de Arte Gallery, Porto Alegre, Brasil.
Mexico Art Fair, Gaspar Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.
Short Video Competition/Positive Madrid/Childhood projection/Cinemad Festival
Pandora, Presentation within the Lets do Art eason, KBB, Barcelona, Spain.
Princeses/Princesses, Vera Chaves Foundation, Porto Alegre, Brasil.
Pandora, BIDET, Vilanova i la Geltrú Video Festival, Barcelona, Spain.


A imagem lúcida/A Lucid Image, Contemporary Photography, FVCB, Vera Chaves Barcellos Foundation, Porto Alegre, Brasil.
Art Miami, Gaspar Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.
Els Enamorats/The Lovers, CD Rom Presentation.


Art Miami, Gaspart Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.
FIAC Paris Art Fair, Marco Noire Gallery, Torino, Italy.
Passaporto/Passport, Hotel Meridien, Torino, Italy.
Pandora, Video Installation, Opera Aperta, Porto Alegre, Brasil.
Childhood, Centre dArt La Mercè, Girona, Spain.
Childhood Learning Conference, Art and Woman, Pilar Bonet Critic, ESDI School, Sabadell, Spain.


Transparent, Interactive Presentation, Mad-movies Project Fellowship, Vegap Foundation.
Pandora, Video Exhibition, Plain Air, Torino, Italy.
Dedalo, Video Project, Performance by Marcel.lí Antúnez, Stars City, Moscow, Russia.
L´Espina del Cel/Heavens Thorn, Lecture at the Pedagogy Department at UAB University, Barcelona, Spain.
Intro 2, Installation Project, La Caixa Foundation, Barcelona, Spain. L´Espina del Cel/Heavens Thorn, Portraits, Seven Lenticular Images, Barcelona, Spain.


Production of Paraíso/Paradise, a program for BTV(Barcelona Television), Spain.
Access to Paraíso/Paradise, Web Group Exhibition, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.
Generalitat de Catalunyas Arts Plàstiques Fellowship, L´Espina del Cel/Heavens Thorn ? Portraits.
Arte y Derecho Foundation Fellowship.
Paraíso/Paradise, Web Presentation (, La Xina Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.
Lespina del cel/Heavens Thorn, Video Installation, Intro, La Caixa Foundation, Tarragona, Spain.


La muerte y la princesa/Death and the Princess, CD Rom, La cera 27, Barcelona, Spain.
Paraíso/Paradise, CD Rom, La Cera 27, Barcelona, Spain.
Espacio Aperto/Open Space, Group Exhibition, Porto Alegre, Brasil.
Paraíso/Paradise, Lecture at the Fine Arts School, Barcelona University, Barcelona, Spain.
La Via Lactea/The Milky Way, Installation, lenticular image for the entry hall of Valldaura Metro Station. Awarded First Place.


Lobo feroz/Ferocious Wolf?, Video Installation, La Cera 27, Barcelona, Spain.
Pandora, Video 7, La Cera 27, Barcelona, Spain.


Transparentes como somos/Transparent As We Are, Installation, Art & Schilling, Barcelona, Spain.
Transparentes/Transparent, CD Rom.
Arco 99, International Contemporary Art Fair, Antonio de Barnola Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.