Born in (India), 1996

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Gurgaon is undeniably one of the most important commercial hubs in India. The business and commercial sectors have flourished greatly. This has resulted in a high demand for commercial properties in this city, thus attracting a large number of developers to build commercial real estate projects here. If you are looking for a retail space in a high-end complex developed by a reputed builder, M3M Broadway might be of interest to you. A perfect blend of modern architecture and business infrastructure, this complex is expected to become a leading shopping hub in Gurgaon.

If you check out the M3M Broadway, you would notice that the floor plan has been developed smartly. The arrangement of the retail stores, along with the wide corridors and the strategically positioned escalators ensure smooth movement for the shoppers. Every store is clearly visible, thanks to the large frontage and glass displays. The whole space is designed to deliver an unforgettable shopping experience by renowned architect Zubin Cooper. The M3M Broadway review looks quite good and the complex would be another major success for M3M India.