Born in (Spain), 2015
Very active in: 90s, 2000s, Current decade

I'm self represented

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Video Art Works

Bored of you, Bored of them, Bored of all.  (2015)

I express myself through single-channel video, video installation, and video combined with art. These are empathetic tools that help me better reflect circumstances that are otherwise hard to assimilate or understand, sometimes due to our own ignorance about ourselves, given the little interest we have in introspection or, simply, due to the fear of knowing how we actually are in our most intimate beings.   In my case my work has always centred on video, video-installations, photo, drawings, boxes and objects which for me reflect more easily those sensations or feelings which are difficult to assimilate or understand because of our own ignorance or lack of experience. My idea is to continue working on artistic projects with this philosophy in mind and make the public feel those rich, pure sensations and help them reflect on their own emotional situation. Love, but also fear, pleasure, anguish, happiness, anxiety and doubt, among other emotions, all make up part of my work. I hope in some way to de-dramatize the situations and eliminate their aggressive tone, so that the viewer doesn't feel them directly, but rather reflects and understands their meaning, the reason for their existence.