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Lace Dress Trends for Women 2020 (2020)

Lace Dress Trends for Women 2020

A lace evening dress is something every girl should have in her wardrobe. For one, it is a timeless piece of material that can be reused over and over. So modern women who are looking to mix tradition with fashion should take note of four key evening dress trends this year.

Lace Sleeves and Sleeveless

After being out of the lime light for a while the lace sleeve and sleeveless are regaining their popularity in the fashion space. This modest accessory is great for women who would like a strap or a strapless dress, but are also self-conscious about their arms.   The trend for sleeves continues with Ever-Pretty’s fine collection of sleeved and sleeveless lace evening dress. A dress with sleeves of this kind will greatly flatter your body.

The eyes are drawn upwards towards your face and elongate your body. This creates a flattering illusion of being taller and slimmer as it balances out the top and bottom halves of your body. Depending on the style and sleeve, you will also be able to mask bra straps if you need extra support.

Pastel Colors

While the tradition of white, ivory and cream dresses will never go out of fashion, it doesn't hurt to add an injection of color. Seen on lace evening dress, soft pastel shades of lilac, candy floss pink, and even mint green are all great colors.

These dresses make a subtle statement and are perfect for young women looking to stand out in a crowd. Many designers have also showcased dip-dyed dresses using plain colors. This is a bold statement so it is best suited to younger women.

Embellished Bodices   In the style of dresses, the embellished bodice lace evening dress is one of the best lace fashion trends for 2020. Coupled with a soft, plain skirt; these dresses really show the 'wow' factor. Bustier style formal dresses are also popular.  

Embellished bodices and bustier style lace evening dresses are especially flattering for women who are pear-shaped. The style will enhance your chest, clinch you in at the waist and skim your hips. This will create the illusion of killer curves.


A ruffle lace evening dress gives you the opportunity to be a princess even if it’s just for a short moment. There really is no better time or place to wear it than on your wedding day. Ever-Pretty showcases its collection of striking romantic ruffle skirts, perfect for fairytale weddings.

Believe it or not, ruffle detailing is actually extremely flattering on every figure. You can hide or accentuate your curves with the dramatic skirt to create the perfect shape for your body.

Lace dress tips to keep in mind

Choose the styles to suit your body shape Whatever lace evening dress and accessories you choose to wear, consider the finished look to ensure that it is well balanced. Otherwise too much color or pattern can cause a mismatch and spoil your whole ensemble.

That being said lace continues to be a fashion trend, it’s a classic that never seems to go out of style and you can hardly go wrong with it if you choose the right ensemble and accessories.

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