Born in Madrid (Spain), 1962
Lives & works in Madrid (Spain)
Very active in: 80s, 90s, 2000s, Current decade

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Ana de Alvear was born in Madrid in 1962. She studied mainly in Spain, drawing and photography. Since 1997 has a regular cooperation with her sister María de Alvear, who is a composer, creating several video and photo installations for her music/performances. Adjusting to each space specifically, her work is based mainly on multimedia installations, where videos, films, slides and big format photography, as well as the viewers, play an important role. Through the cooperation with her sister, she began to work in Avangard Music productions experimenting the interactions between Sound and Imaging, interrelating the auditive and visual senses to be able to transport the performers and audience to physical and spiritual sensorial spaces. At the same time, the fascination in the aesthetic sense of simplicity where microcosmos and macrocosmos interact within an interchangeable poetic makes it possible to separate the elements off the reality to which they belong, changing its intrinsic meaning. This metamorphosis concerns the materialization of the space reality through the changes of perspective, which evokes a dialogue that transforms the physical and spiritual perception of the viewer, induced into a poetic space full of emotions and highly aesthetic. Ana de Alvear is the Founder and Director of VIVA since 2006.


    Multidisciplinary Concert for experiencing the audiovisual trip from the strings to the ends of the Universe.
    BAC! 11.0 (Forms of audiovisual) Invites us to explore notions of space and time using today's most advanced artistic technologies, allowing us to discover virtuous talents working with the genres that intrinsically employ TIME
  • Hip & Cool
    A selection of fresh works, with brash and indolent touches, which subtly sketches the philosophical impasse that remains after you have forgotten everything you learned.
  • VIVA Show at MOCA Seoul
    Along with the MACBA Collection show La Sombra del Habla, MMCA Seoul exhibits every Saturday of September three selections from VIVA, International tour of Videoart and Collections works, along with curatorial program Restless (E)motion.
  • In the mood for today
    What day is today? How to define Monday? What is a Thursday? What are Saturdays like? What meanings does each day evoke in the collective imagination? How is today defined?
  • The Conquest of the dreamed city
    Reflections about urbanity
  • VIVA Show at Hara Tokyo
    Four international Collector's choice programs
  • VIVA Show at Centre Pompidou
    International Collector's Choices Audiovisual Program
  • Restless (E)Motion
    Spanish artists reflecting on the emotional uneasiness of the human being
    Vital Internacional Video Art (VIVA)